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Thinking Outside of the Box with Your Shipping Boxes

You put the products in the box, tape it up, ship it out and DONE! But, what really goes into the fulfillment process of your precious products? At J.M. Field Fulfillment, we know that a lot of thought and care goes into the little details of this process. Factors like safe packaging and turn-around time can often make the difference between a smooth order fulfillment operation and a big, boxy mess. Two students from the Albert Nerken School of Engineering at Cooper Union have come up with one very innovative way to potentially make this quintessential process a bit more efficient and a lot more environmentally friendly.

Henry Wang and Chris Curro took an in-depth, “out-of-the-box” look (ha!) look at shipping boxes and the shipping industries and they deduced that there is a lot of room for improvement. This thinking led to them changing shipping boxes for consumers and businesses, alike.

Shipping Boxes: The Problem

Every year, the United States produces 100 billion cardboard boxes. That’s a large quantity with a relatively low rate of efficiency. This is wasteful for trees and the habitats they support; with everyone “going green” shouldn’t it be time to make our shipping boxes environment friendly, too? Much of the stress of these shipping boxes also falls on the shoulders of businesses and the customers that these businesses ship things to. It’s problematic on both ends of the spectrum; for example, a fulfillment business has to take time and money to have people quickly pick pack and ship orders. On the other end, when a customer receives their package (after a wrestling match with the cardboard and scissors) they go through a lot of trouble to open it up and then jam it down their garbage in hopes to never see it again.

Shipping Boxes: The Solution

The Rapid Packing Container uses 15%-20% less cardboard than most traditional shipping boxes. If we shave a generous 15% off of 100 billion shipping boxes, we’re talking about a 15 million difference. Right off the bat, the Rapid Packing Container is the most “green” choice for businesses. It also does not use tape, but rather adhesive glue that holds it together and is recycling friendly, so even the consumer can recycle the box after they open it rather than just tossing it the trash can. The Rapid Packing Container is easier to pack/open for both the business and the customer. A  fulfillment shipping specialist would only have to assemble the box which takes a matter of seconds as compared to other shipping boxes that need to be taped up. This wax adhesive feature also helps the customer because they open the Rapid Packing Container by simply pushing down on it rather than using dangerous items like box cutters to wrestle the tape off. This could simplify the fulfillment services industry for everyone involved, and it might very well be the next big thing.

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