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The Perishable Goods

Recently, I have been working with a few travel companies to help them increase their sales. I am encouraged by the number of progressive companies that recognize the need to try new and innovative solutions to the challenges they face today. They are open to new marketing and sales ideas that may be outside the more commonly used methods. While there may be a little short term risk to these new ideas, these progressive companies see that the long term gain far outweighs these risks.

On the other hand, I am seeing companies that are not open to new ideas and continue to operate as though it was five years ago. These are the old thinkers that keep waiting for things to fix themselves.

In the world of travel suppliers, products are perishable goods. If the bed is empty tonight you will never be able to resell it. The perishable goods phenomenon is real and provides a very real case for constant urgency. Having the ability to recognize sales shortfalls or occupancy challenges before they are a problem is a crucial skill for today’s executive. Having the knowledge and skills to correct the problem is becoming rare.

I have witnessed firsthand, companies developing creative solutions to these challenges with no effective means of communicating it to their prospective customers or sales distribution channel. There is so much clutter in the traditional marketing venues that your best offer is only one offer in a sea of offers. Knowing how to get your best offer into the hands of your customers is critical.

One company that I know has been providing a solution for this is eGroup Communications located in Miami, Florida. I have used their services while working on the supplier side and I have found their services to be very effective. They have extensive electronic (email) lists of retail travel agents and corporate buyers that can be accessed within hours. When I identified a potential inventory problem, I created a promotion and send it to eGroup so that the preferred travel seller could have it on their screens within hours. This targeted promotional message was sent in an exclusive email to the customers I chose, within hours.

In my role as a sales consultant it is my responsibility to find new and effective ways to grow my client’s business. It is the responsibility of the client to accept these new methods of solving old problems.


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