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Sales Strategy

Developing a good mouse trap may initially seem like the easy way to sales success. In the case of travel products, that is not always the case. Having an effective sales strategy is really the key to finding sales success.

So why do some travel suppliers not only survive but prosper during these hard economic times, while others struggle and fail. It’s called having a sales strategy. Without a well designed and precisely executed strategy, even the best mouse trap will not succeed.

Having personally developed and executed numerous sales strategies over the course of my years in the cruises sales field, I can speak from experience when I promote the importance of this strategy. Once the mouse trap is built, how are you going to let the world know you have it? Communicating this new or improved mouse trap (value proposition) becomes the challenge.

In the case of travel suppliers for hotels, cruise ships or theme parks, I am a true believer in the value of a professional sales force. Nothing can beat the benefits of having a professional sales team calling directly on the sales distribution channel. A sales force that has strong relationships with those agents that drive the buying decision cannot be replaced by marketing.  I have witnessed the attempt to build long distance relationships with travel and cruise buyers and witnessed the failure that followed.

Working together, a professional sales team and a robust marketing team can and will make the difference with each complimenting the other.

All that said, don’t dismiss the importance of a having a good mouse trap.


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