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Safety First! JMF Fulfillment Conducts OSHA Forklift Training

Our fulfillment team was treated to lunch today as they learned about the significance of workplace safety through an OSHA forklift training course. Our operators and employees that work in the fulfillment warehouses also participated in the training because it’s vital for them to know safety precautions around forklifts.

Osha Forklift Training

A Safe Fulfillment Workplace

The OSHA forklift training course covered all areas of forklift use including operation, maintenance and safety. With both employees and clients visiting the fulfillment warehouses, having a safe work environment is a top priority. Making sure that both the operators and fulfillment staff are up to date on the most current OSHA safety regulations prevents both accidents and injuries.

All of the operators are experienced and the course was designed to be a refresher on OSHA forklift training and safety requirements.

“We have the best fulfillment staff but even the best athletes go back to training camp every year,” Jack Field, said about the OSHA forklift training course. “Keeping everyone reminded about the importance of safety keeps a safe workplace for all staff.”

We put emphasis on maintaining a safe fulfillment workplace and provide on the job training to maintain an excellent safety record. Staff taking the course took a written exam and received a certification card.

One Fulfillment Team Working Together Seamlessly

For the occasion, the printing department created personalized operator cards that were printed in house! Each one was custom made with the name of the employee completing the OSHA forklift training course.

We pride ourselves on being the greatest fulfillment center in South Florida and much of the satisfaction comes from providing a safe working environment for all their staff.  For more information about the warehouse and fulfillment services offered, please contact us.

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