J.M. Field Marketing Expands into More Fulfillment Warehouses

Fulfillment WarehouseWe are happy to announce our continued expansion with the acquisition of several new fulfillment warehouse locations. The addition of new warehouses resulted in more opportunities, greater fulfillment capabilities and more space for the storage of products and goods.

“We are excited to be experiencing a need for more warehouse space because of continuous growth,” explained Ryan Schoeneck, Fulfillment Account Manager. With the addition of several more warehouses, we are continuing to solidify our name as the leader in South Florida fulfillment services.

Already operating one of the largest fulfillment warehouses in South Florida, we are experiencing such rapid growth that the need of additional warehouse space for their fulfillment services department was required to keep up with the expansion.

The Director of Fulfillment, Scott O’Brien, told us that “Having more warehouse space lets us provide better service to our clients.” He continued to explain that we are ready to handle the expansion when needed, thanks to the added warehouse space. One client of ours recently doubled the amount of product they needed stored and we were able to quickly and easily accommodate their needs.

With the expansion of our warehouses also came the need for new employees, resulting in staff growth. The new warehouses are not just for the storage of goods; rather, full operations are being handled through the fulfillment warehouses including shipping and other fulfillment services.

“J.M Field warehouses are clean, organized, well-maintained, fully secured, climate controlled and meticulously organized,” said Shoeneck. He went on to say that this attention to detail allows our team to store sensitive or fragile products and implement the greatest fulfillment technology. For instance, bar code capabilities are one of the many features that the our warehouses offer.

Besides creating more storage to allow clients to expand, the acquisition of warehouses allows for increased capacity to fulfill goods and ship faster than ever before. The fulfillment team is ecstatic to continue to grow and provide services that not only meet but exceed client requirements.

If you require more time to focus on growing your business, leave the intricacies of product fulfillment to our trained fulfillment team. With our employees by your side, you can get back to doing what you do best and let us handle the hassles of product fulfillment.

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