Increase Customer Satisfaction with Shorter Delivery Cycles Without Breaking the Bank


When you’re about to buy a product online, it’s easy to get deterred from making that final purchase decision when you notice how long it will take for the product to ship. What if you need something sooner than 10-12 days, or if you’re simply too inpatient to wait that long for something you really want or more importantly, something you really need?

AA030509Most consumers will just go to a brick and mortar store if they can’t wait.  Unfortunately for your fulfillment center, that means losing out on money. Here are a few ways you can increase customer satisfaction with shorter delivery cycles without breaking the bank.

Keep the Most Popular Items in Stock for Quick Shipping

When it comes to fulfillment, one word is arguably more important than all the rest. That word is logistics. In order to keep delivery times down while saving your company money, your fulfillment center needs to be a well-oiled machine. This means optimizing your facility to your client’s needs.

One particularly helpful tip is to keep the most popular items in stock for quick shipping. This basically just boils down to the concept of supply and demand. Customizing what’s in stock in your warehouse based on the ebb and flow of consumer demand can save your fulfillment center time, money and space.

Give Customers a Shipping Menu

Working closely with your clients is of utmost importance in the world of fulfillment. One important question to iron out is what kinds of shipping options and prices should go on your client’s shipping menu located on the checkout part of their website. Taking notes from e-commerce and shipping giant Amazon could be helpful to your company’s operations as well.

Amazon has perfected the art of fast shipping. They offer many timelines and price points for clients to have their product shipped, and they keep their consumers informed with updated tracking information. Moving towards best practices and evolving is something both fulfillment centers and their clients need to become privy to.

Incentivize Consumers

Have your clients offer their consumers coupons or other deals for choosing standard shipping. In the big business of e-commerce, there are so many competitors offering similar products to your clients. Having loyal customers that will repeatedly purchase on your e-commerce site can be hard to come by. The addition of unique coupons and deals will help to differentiate your client’s from the rest and will help bring repeat traffic to their website.

Moreover, incentivizing the standard shipping option takes some pressure off of your fulfillment center as there’s no longer as much of a time crunch. Incentivization can be used on all levels of shipment. If the customer is willing to spend money to speed up shipment, getting something in return increases the chances of creating the desired repeat customer.

Close the Gap

There are many steps in order fulfillment. From order receipt, order processing and then transportation of the good, it’s important that all of these steps are optimized to the best of your facility’s ability. Ever notice that there was a small step your fulfillment center could do better, or something you always wanted to change to make a process move by a little faster?

Don’t be afraid to try something new and flex a little bit. Instilling a new process or speeding up a lax one are small steps that don’t necessarily have to cost much and will improve the shipping cycle for the consumer.

Although many things in the world of shipping are changing, a few cardinal rules are not. Fulfillment centers and their clients need to keep communication a top priority in order to give customers an impeccable purchase experience.

Following the ebb and flow of supply and demand, looking at competitor’s best practices and not being afraid to change processes are a few great ways fulfillment centers can cut down on shorter shipping cycles without breaking the bank. You will have a horde of satisfied and loyal customers in no time.

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