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I’ll Get Right Back to You

It’s become an epidemic. I think the medical term is lackaresponsa. Have you noticed the insufferable amount of time it takes for someone to get back to you or even worse, not at all. It all goes back to the most basic business principle….respect.

The pecking order does not or should not matter. When someone takes the time to contact you, no matter how small (in your eyes) the order is, for goodness sake, respond. Even if you can’t immediately address the issue at hand, a simple “I’m swamped, and will get back to you shortly” will do.  And then do it. When you work with your clients on small orders, it will lead to them choosing you as their vendor for large orders.

In this era of twits, tweets and texts, there is no excuse for ignoring a message. I am willing to believe that although not measurable, that billions of dollars in sales are lost every year based on poor or lack of response time. I think anyone other than the president of the United States probably can set aside 20 minutes a day to answer phone calls and e-mails (I’m not counting the ones from Ann Taylor Loft or “Last chance to book a cruise”).

Let’s try this. Send a response or comment to this blog. If I don’t get back to you in 24 hours, I will write your next ad campaign for free. Get back to me.


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