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How to Choose a Pick and Pack Fulfillment Company

Pick and Pack fulfillment companies provide end-to-end fulfillment services, meaning they pick all the products ordered by the company or their customers, then they pack and ship out the order.

Pick and pack fulfillment companies should be chosen based on a few important qualities. First, they should have a large warehousing space available to hold all your products. Next, they should have trained fulfillment warehouse agents on staff to pick and pack your products. Another quality pick and pack companies should have is email confirmation to notify customers when an order is shipped. Also keep an eye out for companies that offer web-based inventory management systems. This program will let you know when your stock is getting low so that you can order more products to keep your business flourishing!

Fulfillment freight optimization is also something to keep in mind when choosing a pick and pack company to work with. Freight optimization is the continuous moving of freight which cuts down miles which means time, and cost, which translated into more money for other aspects of your business. Fulfillment companies with their own trucks are great providers of quick pick, pack, and ship services.  They allow you to save time, money, and reduce your liabilities.

But how do you know if outsourcing your pick and packing needs is right for you?

Are you selling a wide variety of products? Are they offered in an assortment of colors, sizes or styles? Are you in need of storage space to maintain your inventory? Then a fulfillment company providing pick and pack services would be a beneficial partner for your company.


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