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Google’s Driverless Trucks: How Automation Will Affect the Fulfillment Industry

The speed of technology has always outperformed the speed of litigation. As tech giants like Google create automated systems, governmental agencies have to struggle to keep up the pace. But a recent win by Google in the form of a patent for self-driving vehicles could change the fulfillment shipping industry forever.

Now that  Google has pretty much  mapped the world, they are attempting to create automated supply lines across it. How do they plan on doing it? By delivering  your packages through self-driving trucks.

google driverless trucks

Google’s driverless trucks will have pin-number secured compartments. (Image source: Google)

Google’s Driverless Trucks Will Bring Change To Fulfillment

Although the program is still in its inception, its aim is to improve an already efficient shipping process and take transportation to the next level. . Here’s what Google’s growth in driverless truck technology can mean for fulfillment, logistics or e-commerce business.

1. Increased Safety

Humans are better programmers than drivers. In 2012 in the US, 330,000 large trucks were involved in crashes that killed nearly 4,000 people, most of them in passenger cars. MIT estimates that about 90% of those road accidents were caused by human error.

2. Less Accidents

Google’s record is clean. Chris Urmson, director of the Google Self-Driving Car program, has revealed that after 1.7 million miles and six years of driving, only 11 accidents have occurred. These accidents were caused not by the cars themselves but by, you guessed it, humans.

Additionally, every mile they put on their cars is an opportunity to make driverless vehicles safer. Industry experts estimate that within the next decade driverless trucks will become the norm.

3. Increased Efficiency

Fuel and maintenance costs will decrease as automated vehicles make more efficient driving decisions. By simply managing their own speed, cars can increase efficiency by over 40 percent, according to a Columbia University study.

4. Reduced Fuel Costs

Truck caravans traveling in groups will see reduced fuel expenses. These back to back automated driving trucks will synchronize their speed, reducing drag and increasing aerodynamics.

The Age of Automation

Automation is a good thing, which is why J.M. Field Fulfillment meticulously developed order fulfillment software that does all of the work for you. Just like Google’s driverless trucks removing the need for a human element, J.M. Field Fulfillment’s proprietary software, All In View, removes manual management of inventory.

Here at J.M. Field Fulfillment we are able to  automate your order fulfillment needs, reducing the time you spend on inventory tracking, ordering and reporting.

Real Time Reporting

Our proprietary All In View software inventory tool integrates with your e-commerce website and allows inventory reports to be obtained in real time. Alerts notify you when your supplies need to be re-ordered, so we can help you manage product returns and replacements.

Integration and Synchronization

All In View synchronizes with all the big names in e-commerce shopping carts including Amazon, Magento, OpenCart, Ebay, PrestaShop, Shopify, Limelight, Paypal, Shopatron, BigCommerce, and more.

“There are several companies who offer inventory management systems, but no one offers the robust reporting and customer care components that All In View does and this allows our clients to easily offer the best service in their respective markets.”

– Jack Field, President, J. M. Field Marketing.

All In View reduces human error by tracking your inventory from purchase to delivery. Our goal is to make the fulfillment process as automated as possible, so you can focus your efforts on building your business. Learn more about our fulfillment services and web-based inventory management by contacting a representative today!

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