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Fixing Things

I spent some time over the last several days with our mechanic fixing one of our forklifts.  The forklift began experiencing problems three days ago.  At the onset of the problem, we were having problems getting it started.  It sounded like a starter that was failing.  In an attempt to get the forklift to work, we banged on it with a hammer while engaging the starter and to our surprise, it worked. Eventually we just put a hammer and a screw driver on board the forklift and whenever the forklift failed to start, we went back to banging on the starter to get it going.

This strategy worked for a day, after which we found that we needed to now bring out the battery charger with an engine starting feature (Big Electrical Charger).  So now on the second day, we were banging on the starter and plugging into an electrical outlet this big electrical charger to get it going.  We were able to get the forklift running, but with considerable downtime trying to fix it with our new methodology.  So now we had the screwdriver, the hammer and the electrical charger onboard, so that when it failed we could get it started.  This worked for another day.  Thereafter, there was a need for another strategy.  Now it didn’t matter how much we banged on it and how high the charge setting was on the battery charger, the forklift would not start.  So now on the third day, we realized that we needed to get a new starter.  After the starter was replaced, it worked for about an hour.  We then looked at the battery.  The battery was damaged and could not hold a charge.  So after the battery was replaced, we were back to normal operation after three days of limping through.  Replacing the starter and the battery was something that we knew deep down we had to do, but we were trying to get by as long as we could without having to buy the new parts.

I have to think that much of my fixing these days involves trying to get something that I need, desperately, to work as quickly as possible.  This includes using duct tape, superglue or finding the biggest hammer in order to fix something.  I think that the majority of the time I am so engaged in getting something to work the way I want, to that the emotion of wanting to get it working dominates and I am relinquished to limping through by whatever means necessary. I think I would like to have the luxury of not having to worry about fixing something right away and be able to methodically analyze a problem and be able to surgically guide my actions in order to get a resolution.  Maybe when something breaks that doesn’t need to be fixed.


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