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Finding the Time to Help

My morning usually consists of browsing the online news, reviewing e-mails, and mapping out a to do list based on the pressing items of the day.  I tend to focus on the things that need my immediate attention with an emphasis on allowing some time for development on long term projects.  I often find myself at the end of the day, thinking I need more time.  If only I had more time, I could do more; I could make more of an impact.  If only I was a bit better, I could have helped more people today.

I sometimes find something special in my daily routine that breaks through and reminds me of what is really important.  Earlier this week, embedded in my e-mails that I scroll through and prioritize for action, I found an e-mail about a recent fire that occurred at the warehouse of the Feeding South Florida food bank, formerly known as the Daily Bread Food Bank.  The fire destroyed the stored food and the warehouse. In her e-mail she communicated to the office the importance of this organization, how she personally was contributing to the cause and suggested that we do the same.

I know I can’t really empathize with someone who routinely goes to bed hungry, without recourse or hope for changing their condition. But I can help. It is probably one of the most morally denigrating conditions that a human can experience.  Finding the time to help and at least give hope, food and offer our compassion to other South Florida residents, who find themselves in this situation is something that is worthy of our time. Today, I will thank my colleague for her ability to prioritize her time and to address what was important on her to do list.  I found the time to go online and find out more about Feeding South Florida and how I can help. They’re accepting food donations at their warehouse located at 2501 SW 32nd Ave., Pembroke Park, Fl. In addition, they can be reached at 954-518-1818.

At least for today, the important things on my to do list are being accomplished.


Finding the Time to Help was last modified: December 11th, 2014 by J.M. Field Fulfillment
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