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Criteria to Evaluate a Fulfillment Company by

Fulfillment services is not a new science or process in distributing materials, but the technologies and processes in which goods are fulfilled/ distributed is. When evaluating a fulfillment company you want to look at a few things.

  • Quality control processes – What steps are taken to ensure that mailing or fulfillment jobs are handled properly?
  • Client service – How will your account be managed?
  • What associations do they belong to? (MFSA, PostCom, DMA, PIA, etc.) – Membership in associations usually means the company has access to relevant information to help them run their business, subscribes to a code of ethics, and has a network of knowledgeable professionals to turn to for assistance with challenging issues that arise.
  • Salesperson as consultant – You should expect your key contact people to be willing to educate you on the finer points of direct mail or fulfillment.
  • What is their standard turn around and response times… are they flexible to adjusting?
  • What do their infrastructure and network of locations look like for meeting your needs and expectations?
  • What technology does the fulfillment company utilize to ensure control, quality and speed of your goods to your customers?

With our 52,000 square foot facility in South Florida, experienced team of professionals and advanced technology, JM Field Fulfillment has everything that any company is looking for in distributing their materials.  Whether it’s Business-to-Business, Buisness-to-Consumer or internal distribution, we have everything you are looking for in a fulfillment company and a whole lot more… all under one roof.

For more information about our fulfillment services and capabilities, please contact us.


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