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Branding Your Company Image with Your Corporate Apparel

You can find corporate apparel in a variety of styles and forms. But you should think carefully about the company image you want your corporate apparel to convey to the public. It makes a statement about the quality of business you conduct. For example, T-Mobile’s embroidered pink polo shirt says that their company and employees are professional and capable. T-Mobile has done a great job of branding their corporate apparel. Everyone recognizes their pink polo shirts. But recently they changed their pink polo shirts to white, which isn’t quite as recognizable.

When it comes to choosing your employee’s uniforms, you should make sure that they accurately reflect your company’s brand and style. The colors you choose for your corporate apparel should be your company colors. And, the shirts should be comfortable as well as stylish. You can have your corporate apparel screen printed or embroidered. Screen printed shirts communicate a more causal look, while embroidered shirts look more refined. Your company name and logo should be prominently displayed on your company shirts. In addition to your uniform shirts, you can also offer pants, jackets, sweaters, sweatshirts, fitness apparel and much more.

Your corporate apparel is a perfect way to present a polished image at sales meetings, trade shows, seminars, company retreats and tournaments. It can be used to increase brand awareness and attract new customers. Corporate apparel can also be used to identify your company and it helps unify your employees.


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