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Advantages of Outsourcing to a Fulfillment Center

When clients come to J.M. Field Fulfillment, they often ask about the advantages of choosing a fulfillment center over packing and shipping products themselves. Providing your own fulfillment can work until your office turns into a crowded warehouse. Lack of space is one of the biggest reasons to outsource to a professional fulfillment center. What are some others to consider when hiring a fulfillment center to handle your product storage and shipping? Our fulfillment experts have compiled a list to go over before taking your warehousing needs to a fulfillment center.

Better Facilities

Fulfillment centers are a vital aspect of any ecommerce based business that’s expanding. Let’s be honest, your office can only pretend to be your warehouse for so long before you begin to lose your computer under stacks of shipping materials. A fulfillment center is designed to house your product and provide pack and pick services as soon as orders rush in. They have climate controlled facilities that successfully meet the needs of your product.

Reduced Shipping Costs

Shipping providers like UPS and FedEx offer discounts to fulfillment centers that do big amounts of shipping because the cost of picking up packages is less when a fulfillment warehouse has a large amount ready each day. Your customers will appreciate lower shipping costs and your product will become more affordable to a wider audience when you ship through a fulfillment center.

Lower Overhead

When you are letting your well-paid staff act as your personal shipping crew the actual cost of shipping items is much higher than you realize. Now they can’t do their jobs because they’re working with the packaging tape. By outsourcing to a fulfillment center, you are lowering your overhead because you are just paying for the amount of shipping you’re doing and not having to pay for staff during slow times or increase staff during the busy holiday season. The greatest part is your staff can get back to making your company more sales and increasing business.

Organized Inventory Management

Inventory is one word that almost everyone hates. Processing inventory isn’t a fun process and unless you have the money to spend on a fancy inventory system you’ll be stuck counting everything by hand. A fulfillment center like ours has everything in place to manage your inventory and supply you with detailed reporting so you always know how much product you have in stock. With our inventory management system, All In View, we can set up custom reminders so you are always aware when you are running low on products. No need to count or recount because we’ve got you covered.

Choosing to partner with a fulfillment center takes away the stress of daily order fulfillment and lets you and your team continue to do what you do best. If you have an ecommerce business and are looking into fulfillment center options, please contact us and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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