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What is Fulfillment? A Beginner’s Explanation of Fulfillment

what is fulfillment

After a month working at J.M. Field Fulfillment, the “new guy” can explain fulfillment

For J.M. Field Fulfillment, fulfillment services are one of the bigger operations we do as a company day in and day out – we’ve even eclipsed the one-million mark for orders fulfilled from our warehouses. But, for my wife, parents, dogs and in-laws, fulfillment is something I’ve tried to explain — to no avail. However, after my first month here, I think I can comfortably explain what it is now. (Note: This is the second edit of this post)

For the sake of simplicity — this IS a beginner’s guide by the way — I will focus on the two essential parts of the fulfillment services: warehousing/shipping and inventory management. If I nail this, I will be printing it out and handing it out to all of my friends when they ask what fulfillment is. If you want the novice or expert guide, I urge you to check out our fulfillment services page on our website, or contact Scott O’Brien, our Director of Fulfillment at 844.523.1957 Ext: 121.

What is Fulfillment Part 1: Warehousing and Shipping

The easiest, and most obvious part of the order fulfillment process is the warehousing and shipping end of it. From where I sit in the East side of our offices, I have a panoramic view of one of four warehouses we use to store client inventory. I look out my bay window and see boxes on pallets upon racks. I imagine it’s what Tetris would look like to color-blind people, with everything being the same color of the sea of cardboard brown.

We ship about 1,000 boxes each day, from hair care products to coffee. We work with the shipping giants of the world to ensure your orders are fulfilled quickly. In fact, if you order by 3 p.m. during the week, your order ships that day.

What is Fulfillment Part 2: Inventory Management Platform

This is the part that was relatively confusing when I first started and, you’d be confused too if you happened to read the first draft of this blog. The inventory management platform is proprietary to us, developed long before my arrival. It integrates easily with businesses of all sizes. Every business that uses this Inventory Management Platform has different needs. There are over 60 web-based software applications that offer:

  • Company stores
  • Shopping Carts
  • Built-to-Order/Built-to-Stock
  • Materials Management
  • Direct Marketing Overprinting
  • Online Reporting
  • Call Center Support
  • Shipment Tracking
  • Sales Training

Whether you want to track inventory, receive notifications when inventory levels are low, monitor what marketing collateral is being distributed and which aren’t, monitor money spent, etc., etc. Well, this system handles it all. And! It does all of this in REAL TIME! If you take a look at the chart below, put together by our fulfillment guru Ryan Schoeneck, you’ll see how our Inventory Management Platform flows. No flat tires in the wheel of progress here.

fulfillment services flow chart

Fulfillment Services Flow Chart

You can learn more about all of our fulfillment services at our website.

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