4 Shipping Mistakes That Could Be Costing Your Company Big

Today there are over 110,000 eCommerce websites grossing revenue on a significant scale making up more than 12% of the internet alone. Where there is eCommerce, there are products or goods that need fulfilling.

If you manage or are a part of an eCommerce business and fulfillment is a piece of the puzzle, it’s important to know exactly what you can do to save a buck and spend money in the most sufficient places without any mistakes that in up in losses.

Shipping mistakes that can easily be avoided are some of the biggest reasons that cause eCommerce businesses to lose money. Costs can sometimes come unexpectedly, as we all know, and it’s important to make sure your company has the overhead to account for them and make sure money is, for the most part, being spent where it counts.

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The Four Most Common Shipping Mistakes to Avoid

1) Choosing the Wrong Shipping Carrier by Failing to Compare Rates: You’re trying to save time and don’t do as much research as you should have when it comes to picking your carrier. Then, you’re slammed by shipping costs and don’t end up making the profit you would have liked to.  Many variables can go into picking your shipping carrier and it’s vital to address ALL of them before settling on just one.

Can your business afford to have multiple depending on where you ship and what? It’s perfectly reasonable to have more than one. Things can come up and the bottom line is getting your customers their packages in a timely manner. Research rates until you’re blue in the face, and then pick the one(s) that’s best for your business.

2) Failing to Know Correct Regulations & Requirements for Each Destination: Does your company ship internationally? If not, maybe it will one day. Different destinations will have different taxes, forms, and other variables that can add extra time and money to your shipping if you do not address the regulations beforehand. Every country has its own specific shipping requirements. These details should be a key step in the fulfillment process to ensure accuracy and efficiency in your shipping demands.

3) Expensive Last Minute Shipping Costs: Most of the time these come unexpectedly and you’re left scrambling to make the shipment. Don’t make this shipping mistake cost you extra “express delivery” fees. Shop the rates and communicate with your fulfillment team so they know the best time to ship if something needs to be overnighted or expedited.

4) Shipping to The Wrong Address: This is one of the biggest shipping mistakes that is the easiest to avoid. Taking an extra moment to double and triple check that the address is valid and correct can save you a substantial amount of time and money. Check before even printing the labels to avoid having to repeat steps and ultimately having the package returned. No one wants to have their package delayed due to a small step that only requires and extra moment of time.

Sink or Swim in a Pool of Demand

Whether your business is making these shipping mistakes or not, being aware of them can make almost certain that they won’t happen in the future. eCommerce accounts for more than 10% of retail sales in the US and will only increase from here.

Don’t be the business that can’t stay afloat due to too many mistakes and realize that a mistake here and there can add up. It’s never too late to correct any shipping mistakes or errors in order to maximize your profit in the long run.

If you are interested in learning more about shipping and fulfillment best practices at J.M. Field, contact a member of our fulfillment team today!



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