Why Choose a Software Inventory Tool like All In View?

J.M. Field Marketing’s Proprietary All In View software inventory tool offers Ecommerce fulfillment, inventory tracking, online reporting and customer care solutions.

It provides companies with a complete inventory management solution by offering shopping cart integration that integrates online ordering, Ecommerce, real-time inventory tracking, online reporting and full service customer care.

Our software inventory tool’s ordering and inventory tracking interface will properly account for product returns, product replacements, damaged products or free products for inventory and sales reports. The real time software inventory tool enables companies to manage inventory at various locations around the world and automatically sends out email alerts when items are low and need to be re-ordered.

A Software Inventory Tool That Delivers Excellent Customer Care

All In View is the only inventory management software that offers customer care. This is the final step in online ordering and making the process complete. An email is sent out to customers with the shipment information of their order so they can track the delivery status. It also offers phone support to customers so they can call for help and talk to live support staff if they have questions about their orders.

The user interface allows the administrator to set up permissions based by User or Group, Order Limits Budget Allocation, Pricing and Order Approval. All In View’s Ecommerce system easily integrates with most online commercial shopping carts. The platform is truly a ‘one stop shop’ cloud-based solution that can be customized to work with any business type or business size.

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