Fulfillment Questions:

  • Do you offer robust inventory management software?

  • Do you provide fulfillment for small businesses?

  • How do I calculate dimensional weight with the new changes?

  • How do I choose the right package with dimensional weight?

  • How should I go about picking a fulfillment warehouse?

  • What are the business benefits of call center services?

  • What are the measures you take to keep my products safe?

  • What are warehousing fulfillment costs based on?

  • What costs are associated with fulfillment?

  • What else should I know about your fulfillment?

  • What is climate controlled storage & do I need it?

  • Where are J.M. Field Fulfillment's warehouses located?


One of the most important aspects of providing great fulfillment  is keeping your products perfectly intact. We are responsible for your items, whether they be paper goods such as catalogs, perishable substances like frozen foods, or palettes of hair care products, while they are stored in our warehouses. You put your trust in our hands and expect the best treatment. Fortunately, we have a reputation of excellence and uphold the highest standards by ensuring that your products are treated with the utmost care.

Our Order Processing Strengths

We have over 205,000 square feet in storage capacity and secured storage in a climate-controlled environment. Our warehouses have the capacity to store your inventory which can be quickly picked, packed and shipped within minutes of order placement. Our warehouse staff picks, packs and ships 6,000-8,000 customized orders a day to locations around the globe.

If you cannot physically visit our  warehouses, know that we offer back up safety measures. Before your products are even stored into our fulfillment warehouses, we check them for damage, make sure everything is entered accurately and make sure that nothing happened while in transit. There are security cameras throughout the facilities, fencing and back-up generators in case the power is lost. The preservation of your products is our main concern at our  warehouses. Our fulfillment warehouses have alarms that warn us if temperature/humidity levels drop or rise. The grounds of the fulfillment facilities are clean and well-managed with no overgrown vegetation and they include bait boxes to catch pests.

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