Complete Kitting

Start with a pocket folder, add a set of brochures, include a booklet, combine an application form and you have the perfect kitting recipe.

We provide custom kitting to assist your company in showcasing its products and services. Custom kitting says everything about your business and more. We have the expertise and experience to provide you with a one-stop facility for all your company’s specialized kitting needs. Custom kits can be used as part of a direct marketing campaign, as sales tools, for educational purposes or as part of a trade show giveaway.

Our team will work by your guidelines to create a unique and effective kit that meets your company’s specific needs.

Our South Florida fulfillment center provides full kitting and assembly, whether you need 10 or 5,000 custom kits, we can do it all. We have established a unique automated kitting process for assembling kits and other products, making our skills cost effective and efficient. However, when it is the best fit for a project, we still offer to pick, pack and ship kits manually. We can even help in producing, storing and shipping all your printed marketing collateral and products.

By utilizing our kitting services, your company can effectively reduce production time and cost. At our South Florida fulfillment center, our experienced team of agents is recognized for their precision and short turnaround time, which allows us to meet the most exacting standards when it comes to kitting.

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