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Fulfillment Pricing

Order Fulfillment

  • Pick, Pack and Ship Fulfillment Charge:      As low as $2.00/order

With our automated systems processes, we are able to offer a low base order charge for fulfillment. Our base order charge is for up to (25) total units of (1) SKU picked to be handled/shipped within (1) package and/or box. Costs for added units counted > 25, additional SKUs picked > 1 and more than (1) package and/or box shipped are listed below.

  • Units counted                        $0.01/unit
  • SKUs picked                        $0.25/SKU
  • Boxes handled & shipped        $0.25/box

Fulfillment Shipping

  • J.M. Field provided standard packaging/box          $0.65/box
  • Palletized order, wrapped and banded    Pick charges as low as $2.00

Fulfillment Account Support

Account support time will be tracked and billed to the client on a monthly basis as incurred or per their service package agreement. This charge includes the day to day account support and assistance of system order flow, consultation, inventory entry, site updates, client calls and on-going daily communication and quality control needed to keep your fulfillment program accurate, efficient and cost-effective. All account support hours are tracked electronically using integrated time management software. Our hourly account support rate varies depending on the All In View package you have chosen.

Fulfillment Warehousing

Fulfillment Material Storage

Fulfillment pallet storage is accrued and billed monthly per position upon entry into the facility. Fulfillment pricing is for standard sized pallets, any pallets exceeding standard size dimension of 48” x 40” x 60” will be will be counted and billed as (2) pallets.

  • Material storage:                       $18.00/pallet
  • Climate Controlled Material storage:    $22.00/pallet

Fulfillment Product Receiving

  • Box received (monthly as incurred)            $1.00/box
  • Pallet unloading (monthly as incurred)       $5.00/pallet
  • 20’ Container unloading      $400.00
  • 40’ Container unloading     $500.00

All inbound material should be addressed to J.M. Field Marketing, Account Manager c/o Client Name. We will receive and conduct a spot check inventory on all inbound small package and palletized material, standard support rates apply. All material that follows standard receiving guidelines will be available for order access within 24 hours of receipt.

Shipment contents documents, or packing list, must accompany all inbound shipments and be enclosed or attached to carton #1. The carton containing the packing clip must be marked Packing List Enclosed. Failure to mark carton or provide packing slip with receipt of material will result in an item receipt delay and $45.00 surcharge per SKU. All receiving, pickup and delivery hours, unless otherwise explicitly stated by your account support team, are Monday through Friday, 9-4 p.m. eastern time. Additional box receiving and pallet unloading charges will apply to all inbound material received. Delivery appointments are required for all palletized shipments greater than (5) units.

Fulfillment Product Labeling

Fulfillment Inbound Material Labeling

All inbound material must adhere to our carton labeling specifications, please consult your account support team for additional information. A box and/or pallet labeling surcharge of $5.00 per box/pallet will apply to all items not labeled properly.


Fulfillment Customer Service

  • Fulfillment Call Center:     $250.00

Fulfillment call center support can be provided to client if needed. The $250.00 one-time setup fee includes procurement of a toll free number or integration of client’s existing phone number into our call support software. For all call center support applications, client is required to provide; (a) product information, (b) product samples, (c) product FAQs, (d) agent script and (e) two voice recordings for account greeting and voicemail. There is a minimum $45.00/month billable charge for any active inbound client lines. Voice talent and setup recordings can be provided at $100.00 per hour. Florida and Local communication taxes apply.

  • Agent “talk time” support minutes (monthly as incurred)    $0.85/minute
  • Support orders placed (agent placed customer orders)    $2.00/order
  • Call center software inbound, warm x-fer and outbound program usage     $0.12/minute
  • RMA order processing  $3.50/order

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