Fulfillment Questions:

  • Do you offer robust inventory management software?

  • Do you provide fulfillment for small businesses?

  • How do I calculate dimensional weight with the new changes?

  • How do I choose the right package with dimensional weight?

  • How should I go about picking a fulfillment warehouse?

  • What are the business benefits of call center services?

  • What are the measures you take to keep my products safe?

  • What are warehousing fulfillment costs based on?

  • What costs are associated with fulfillment?

  • What else should I know about your fulfillment?

  • What is climate controlled storage & do I need it?

  • Where are J.M. Field Fulfillment's warehouses located?


A call center is one way to help your business expand. There are many cost-saving opportunities available through outsourced call centers.  Your customers may need you at hours that your office doesn’t support, and frustrations can arise. Some of your customers may simply be in another time zone half way around the globe. In these cases, call centers can fill in that gap for you, as well as the needs of your clients. Using call centers  gives you the ability to offer 24-hour customer service and other assistance, which means your clients get the immediate attention that they require.

Specific Benefits of a Call Center

Having an in-house call center can be a costly undertaking. You need to invest in the proper equipment, and then hire and train staff. Using outsourced call center services allows you to save costs, and have the best equipment available, with a lowered capital investment. Additionally, the staff is trained to always provide your customers with the highest level of service. All of the preparation of equipment and staff is handled by the call center. All of the recruiting, staffing, scheduling, managing and training functions are handled for you. Employing a call center will allow you to continue to grow your business without the hassle of that particular focus. By handling all of the management functions as well as the daily tasks of the calls, call center services allow you the time to review the report data, and stay focused on the main goals of your business development.

What We Offer

Improving your businesses’ core competencies, while maximizing resources, is the main reason to use a call center. J.M. Field Fulfillment does in fact offer customer service in the form of call center services. There is a one-time setup fee of $250 which includes a toll free service number or integration of the client’s existing number into our call support software. There is a minimum $45/month billable charge for active inbound client service lines and voice talent and set up recordings will be provided at $100/per hour. Florida and local communication taxes also apply. Other costs include support minutes at $0.85/minute, Support orders placed at $2.00 per order, Call center inbound software and outbound program usage at $0.12 per minute and RMA order processing at $3.50 per order.

As technology continues to change and evolve, so does our existing call center services. The newest technologies arm the call centers with the necessities to handle the needs of your company and your clients. Knowing what equipment and technology your chosen call center is using will enable you to know what services they will be able to help your customers with.

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