We’ll implement sales tracking and reporting, so you don’t have to.

J.M. Field Marketing’s unique sales tracking and reporting software enables companies to manage inventory processes at various locations without an expensive infrastructure or telecommunications charges. Our inventory management systems utilize the latest in barcode technology to track your products and collateral coming in and out the door.

You’ve got decisions to make and we’ve got the system to analyze and generate reports with real-time data to help you make important conclusions about your operations.

When added to your existing system, our web based inventory management software, All in View, will track your company’s inventory levels and notify you when supplies need to be replenished. Additionally, we offer carton tracking, lot control, date lot tracking, and serial number tracking to monitor all your  Ecommerce solutions needs.

Sales Tracking and Reporting: Our flair is huge data collection.

Our inventory management system can also function as a data collection service, which can track all orders, receipts, adjustments, shipments, allocations, cycles, and physical counts for accurate Ecommerce solutions reporting. All the collected data is easily accessible from any computer with internet access. Our expert team of programmers is proficient at determining the best software application for your online order processing and inventory management needs. We have developed over 60 web based software applications to accurately track your Ecommerce solutions inventory and are coding more every day. We continue to set the industry standard by integrating state-of-the-art systems with innovative web technology.

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