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merchant account enables you to accept credit cards as payment for the purchase of goods and services. There are different types of merchant accounts. For example, if you have a traditional brick and mortar store, you can get a retail merchant account. If you want to accept credit cards on your website, however, you need a special type of merchant account known as an “internet-ready” merchant account.

Internet-ready merchant accounts enable you to handle internet transactions in “real-time” without any human intervention. Because the risk of credit card fraud is greater when you are accepting credit cards over the internet, these specialized merchant accounts also provide additional checks that can significantly reduce the chance of credit card fraud. Once the transactions are processed, the merchant account provider transfers the funds received from the credit card transactions from your merchant account to your bank account.

We are a trusted provider of merchant accounts and payment gateway services. The benefits of our merchant account services include:

  • Lowest possible fees
  • Best rates because of relationships with top payment gateway processors
  • Guaranteed secure transactions with partners
  • Customizable shopping cart capabilities
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction

If you already have an internet-ready merchant account you can use it with our specialized Ecommerce solutions.


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