Ecommerce Questions:


Ecommerce is the term used to describe the process of selling goods and services over the Internet. In the most general sense, simply creating a website that advertises and promotes your products can be considered Ecommerce. Over the years, Ecommerce solutions have become much more sophisticated with the introduction of mobile commerce, inventory management systems, data collection systems, etc.

Ecommerce solutions now offer businesses elaborate online stores where customers can browse thousands of products, place an order, select the desired shipping method and pay for their purchases using their credit cards. You can even view if your order is in transit via UPS, USPS, or DHL tracking systems or any other carrier associated with the Ecommerce store.

If you are reading this, you are probably already half-sold on the idea of extending your business online with Ecommerce solutions. Online sales in the coming year are expected to total at least $7 billion, and that’s a conservative estimate. As more people world-wide gain access to the internet, Ecommerce and online shopping will become second nature to consumers and businesses. Therefore, opening an Ecommerce store to accompany your brick and mortar or as a stand-alone prospect, could be vital to your success.

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