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The 7 Best Ecommerce Solutions for a Successful Checkout Page

best ecommerce solutionsYou’re on your favorite retail website and browsing through the pages in search for the perfect pair of jeans, designer swimsuit, new book release…whatever. After little eye-catching selections and persuasive add-ons, you realize your shopping cart is overflowing with irresistible, future purchases. You’re almost at the finish line and you can pretty much already picture yourself in a brand new outfit or relaxing with the latest fiction bestseller… until you get to the convoluted checkout process. You’re bombarded with page upon page of registration forms, coupon ads or other irrelevant information that continues to hinder the purchasing procedure. The website design is confusing, the shopping cart is nowhere to be seen and you can’t figure out why there’s not an easy navigation to the checkout page to complete your order. Unfortunately, you are not alone in your online shopping debacle because there are plenty of Ecommerce websites out there that don’t try to find the best Ecommerce solutions and strategies geared at improving their conversion rates and user satisfaction. If you don’t want your Ecommerce website to make visitors want to pull their hair out, below are 7 of the best Ecommerce solutions that will elevate your site, attract more users and increase your conversion rates.

 1. Design a Checkout Page that’s Easy on the Eyes

There’s nothing worse than attempting to finalize your purchase only to be greeted with endless pop-ups, multiple-step instruction pages and annoying registration forms. If you want people to stay on your page and wrap up their order for good, you need to have a checkout page that’s easy for visitors to comprehend and that doesn’t have twenty completion steps. This means that the checkout process should only take up one page, 3 tops. Customers really don’t want to spend extra time completing registration forms and fiddling through lengthy checkout pages, so make it as simple as possible by utilizing the best Ecommerce solutions possible.

 2. Make your Checkout Button Large and In Charge

With the checkout page in mind, it’s important to place your checkout button in the perfect spot (as well as make it noticeable). Sometimes websites don’t place their checkout button in an ideal spot or the size and color of the button doesn’t catch visitors’ eyes. To avoid this common dilemma and make sure you are using the best Ecommerce solutions out there, be sure that your checkout button is visually noticeable on the top or bottom of the page. If it’s duplicated on the page, there’s a better chance that users will easily locate the button (which means more sales). If you want to get even more resourceful, try picking colors that are bright and bold instead of dim or low-key.

3. Silly Ecommerce Site, Security Breaches are for Target

The last thing you want your customers to do is abandon a purchase because they felt their personal information was at stake. Customers need to feel safe and secure when they’re inputting home addresses, phone numbers or credit card digits. Some ways that you can protect your customers’ privacy and put forth the best Ecommerce solutions is to have an SSL Certificate and provide security logos or company certificates/seals that guarantee the security of your Ecommerce website.

4. Assemble your Shopping Cart so that it’s User-Friendly and Easy to Update

In the world of ecommerce and online purchases, every cyber customer knows that the shopping cart is one of the most important functions of the website. Regardless of whether or not you’ve had a massive wish list for months or you have a few recently added items, you don’t want to click the back button only to find out that your precious collection of items has been erased. Since some customers forget items or need to go back to previous pages, this is a great time to let the best Ecommerce solutions take the wheel and shine. You can do this by adding quantity options to your website so that customers can add or remove whatever they want from one page. So if you want to present your customers with a straightforward system that isn’t intricate or time-consuming, build and organize your shopping cart with the intention that most people visiting your website have the stoic patience of a 3 year old. In layman’s terms, generate tabs to add and remove items so they don’t have to click through tons of pages and potentially lose interest.

5. Authentication is Key: Validate that The Customer’s Item is Actually in Stock

What’s worse than making your way to the checkout page then finding out that the item you’ve been wanting for weeks isn’t available? Instead of relying on luck and hoping that you receive your item, reassure the customer and display that their selection currently exists and is ready to ship out. This is another instance where the best Ecommerce solutions, including inventory management software like All In View, need to be implemented and carried out to insure that customers are satisfied and getting exactly what they’re looking for.

6. Before Checkout is Complete, Display a Summary Page of Products

In order to achieve the best Ecommerce solutions, customer satisfaction and product confirmation, you can’t go wrong by displaying a product summary page before the checkout becomes permanent. It may be one extra step before you can make that sale, but it’s a step that will comfort your customers and reassure that they’re purchasing two T-shirts instead of 23.

7. Upselling Should be Your Business Mantra until the Cows Come Home

One of the best Ecommerce solutions that you can live by is upselling your products online. While you’re cyber shopping, have you ever been tempted to hit that “Continue Shopping” button from the checkout page or been intrigued to see what’s on the other side of the “You Might Also Like” section? These types of tabs are influential and persuasive factors in the Ecommerce world, stimulating customers to keep shopping and spend more time on your website. You can also achieve this by incorporating bundle sales into the picture. It’s no different than sales executives and associates trying to increase their profits by throwing more deals your way. Instead of letting your customer buy one item and leave the website, make them feel like a kid in a candy store by offering other items that complement their original purchase.

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