What You Need to Set up An Ecommerce Site For Your Over-the-counter Brand

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Many different moving parts go into setting up an Over–the-counter (OTC) brand for ecommerce. Your business needs will help you decide what is ultimately top priority for you. Use the starting points below to guide you on how to set up an ecommerce site for your OTC brand.

Lock Down A Domain And Website Name

First things first, you must secure a domain name and website. You are going to want to pick a domain name that is as similar to your business name as possible. Sometimes the domain name you want might not be available, but you can make slight variations to it in order to keep everything unified. You also must pick the right website for your business. Shopify, Prestashop and Magento are a few widely used ecommerce platforms to choose from.

Set Up Recurring Orders

Is your product something that can be subscription-based? Setting up recurring orders is another consideration you need to make for your OTC brand. Having subscription-based products that charge customers automatically depending on the time period of their choosing eliminates them having to remember each month, and keeps the sale going for your business! The order is easily queued up on the back-end making it a smooth and pain-free process for both parties.

Start A Sampling Program

Setting up a sampling program is an option your business should consider for ecommerce because it can lead to new customers and sales. Many companies, like Splenda and Garnier, have achieved success by offering this service to their consumers. Sampling programs can be particularly impactful in order to get the word out about a new product.

Manage Fulfillment and Inventory

One of the most important parts, if not the most important part in setting up your OTC brand for ecommerce is having the proper fulfillment and inventory management systems. It is of utmost importance that product inventory is kept organized and up to date in a robust management system like All In View. This system provides real-time updates on inventory, online orders, fulfillment, reporting and many other customer care choices.

Create a Buzz With Marketing

OK, so you have your OTC brand set up for ecommerce, now what? Well in order to make all of your behind-the-scenes efforts worth it, you must get your product in front of the right people through marketing. You should start marketing early on, and think about what kind of marketing makes the most sense for your products. In this highly digital age, social media marketing is vastly important for a brand to maintain their online presence, plus there is an opportunity to create sales. Generating buzz for your brand through Public Relations is another great way to make people aware of your business. Last but not least in the marketing arena, you’re going to want to have a budget for ads. The kind of ads you go after will also be dependent on who you’re trying to reach.

There is no doubt that starting an ecommerce site for an OTC brand is hard work and takes a lot of effort, but with the right mix of efforts, your brand will be off to a running start. If you’re an OTC brand looking for ecommerce solutions, contact a team member today!

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