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A Recap on the Latest Ecommerce Trends

2017 is a fourth of the way through and marketers are starting to tell which trends are thriving in the Ecommerce realm. Did any of the predictions made in January flourish or fade?  Perhaps new trends are already in motion? We’re reflecting on successful Ecommerce trends and predicting new practices for the rest of the year.

Ecommerce Trends You Should Know

Connecting with Customers Online

An obvious downfall of shopping online versus shopping in-store is the lack of personal connection. A store associate can persuade or inform a customer on their purchase, or even congratulate them with a smile, which decreases the chances of buyer’s remorse or impulsive feelings. Through excelled marketing efforts, companies can create a more personal connection when advertising through channels like Facebook and Google AdWords.

After collecting data, businesses can tap into specific audiences and track their buying habits in order to engage with them throughout the shopping process or remind them about it later. Capturing buying habits and continually being in the customers scrolling territory allows retailers to capitalize on customer emotions. For example, maybe an ad that resurfaces a piece of jewelry a customer has been admiring for a while shows up on their pay day. The customer will feel a sense of financial freedom and be more inclined to splurge or treat themselves.

Increasing Mobile Conversions

Although reports show that consumers are more likely to make purchases on a desktop, people typically spend more time on mobile. When it comes to making purchases, something about being on a desktop feels more legitimate and justifying. Mobile tends to feel more impulsive and insecure. As we see growth in time spent on mobile, this statistic will shift and Ecommerce sites will become substantially more mobile friendly.

Mobile wallets like Apple Pay, Google Wallet and the versatile veteran, PayPal, are accelerating the crossover.

Real Time Sales Representatives

While some people may be able to shop during the 9-5 workday period, the majority of Americans make purchases after work and on weekends. It’s important to engage with customers after hours by creating virtual sales reps that can assist a buyer with purchases any time of the day.

Currently, live chat functionality is the most known way of managing this. Soon we will see a more personalized way to virtually interact with consumers in order to alleviate any questions or concerns that could come between the buyer and purchase button.

New Ecommerce Trends

Personal shoppers

Someone doing your shopping for you is no longer something only the elite can obtain. Shaptagr, is a noted a company that made shopping assistants available for everyone. This is changing the Ecommerce experience by decreasing the percentage of shoppers that don’t move past the pre-purchase phase. These personal shopping apps save people time and money by finding the exact clothes the shopper wants and providing them at a discounted rate.


For the past ten years subscription-based businesses have grown substantially. Now there is a subscription for almost everything! Meals, tampons, makeup, coffee, beer & wine and the list go on.  While some of these options may not be known to the overwhelming majority, let’s say the baby boomer age range, growth of this model is causing a disturbance to the competitors of these companies that widely sell in retail spaces.

Gen C & Video Marketing

You are probably wondering what exactly Gen C is. This demographic is a cohort of the millennial generation that tends to purchase after watching videos of reviews or how the item works. This group not only uses this tactic for their own buying pleasure, but also makes video content to inform others.

The  Ecommerce realm will start to see a relationship between items that have reviews or how-to video’s and the amount of sales generated after the video launches. According to a study, 1 in 3 millennials purchase after watching a video and almost 70% research other videos of something similar to buy along with the initial item.

Stay Tuned

Whether these predictions will have a huge impact, remain steady, or fade away, only time will tell which Ecommerce trends users will adapt to and what sticks. For now, it’s important for marketers to perfect practices that focus on connecting with their customers online and making the buying process simplistic and pain-free.

If you’re interested in learning how to sell your product on an Ecommerce platform, contact a member of the J.M. Field team today!

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