Is Magento Ecommerce Right for Your Business?

In 2008, Varien created the Magento Ecommerce platform based on open source technology, which allows users to use third party plug-ins and integration with their existing systems. Our proprietary web-based inventory management system, All In View, is designed to integrate with Ecommerce online shopping carts including Magento, OpenCart and Amazon. Here our web design experts explain more about this Ecommerce platform.

What is Magento Ecommerce?

Magento Ecommerce is a truly dynamic and feature-packed platform for your web-based store.  There is a very intuitive interface built into the administration that allows users to optimize their web store for search engines, utilize some great marketing tools, and manage their online catalog.  Over 200,000 users agree that Magento Ecommerce is a great option.

What are the Fees and Costs?

Magento Ecommerce has a community edition that is available for free, and is open source.  There is a demo, also free, and it is located on their website.  There are premium services and solutions available if you need something beyond the basics and the pricing is available right on their website, with nothing hidden.  This Ecommerce platform is available and scale-able to the needs of your company.

Features of Magento Ecommerce

As a free platform, Magento Ecommerce offers a very feature-filled and flexible solution that will enable you to control your store and increase your return on investment, since you can keep your costs lower by using this open source solution. Included in this platform are tools for marketing, reporting, SEO, site management, Catalog Management and even a catalog browser. They also offer a product browser, mobile functionality for your web store, international support, and a one-page checkout including shipping and payment options. Once you see that it also provides a customer database, order management tools and a feature rich customer service experience complete with order tracking, you will have found a great way to maximize your Ecommerce site.

Add-Ons for Magento Ecommerce

Once you are ready to add to Magento Ecommerce, there are worlds of rich features and add-ons you can utilize.  A section of their website called Magento Connect has an easily searchable variety of tools from customer experience to site management.  Additionally, fraud prevention, marketing, themes and many other utilities are available there. These tools extend this Ecommerce platform to truly fit your business, and help you grow your traffic and sell more products.

Support for Magento Ecommerce

Since Magento Ecommerce is open source for the community version, all the support is within their community and forums.  Through Wiki and chat channels you can get all of the information you would need. Since it is a free version, however, there is no official support offered. Users of the Enterprise-paid versions do have the full product support available to them.

Magento Ecommerce is just one of the many cart options we offer to our Ecommerce clients. We’re familiar with the benefits and features of the most popular carts on the market and are happy to make recommendations for carts that will fit your specific Ecommerce needs best. If you have any questions about Ecommerce shoping carts, All In View or any of our web services, please call us at 844.523.1957.

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