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Ecommerce Marketing for the Modern World

You are likely unaware, but we all see literally hundreds, if not thousands, of hidden Ecommerce marketing tricks without even noticing. Now it is your turn to use these Ecommerce marketing tips to the advantage of your website.


One of the best ways to get people to connect with your product is through their emotions. In Ecommerce marketing, the concept is the same. How you get your customers to feel a certain way about your product is simple. One simple way is to reach them with humor. You can describe products using this Ecommerce marketing technique. Talk about features, or even product warnings through humor and it will create a favorable and memorable experience for your customer.

What’s in a Color?

The use of color in Ecommerce marketing is something that researchers know a lot about. Here is a summary of how people react to colors, so look at your Ecommerce marketing and your website, and see if you are using the correct palette for your customers.


White -Good for background and clear design but overuse will make your Ecommerce marketing too pale.

Blue – One of the best selling colors because it builds trust instantly. You will see it used for commercial enterprises, banks and medical websites.

Red – This implies risk or danger; however, it is a great attention-getter.

Green – Can mean luck. Notice how green is deliberately used in the marketing of health food products, fresh produce and environmental awareness.

Orange – Perfect for appealing to buyers who anticipate holidays and family gatherings. Add a pinch of brown to it to give a golden, rich appeal.

Social Media

Websites like Facebook are making Ecommerce marketing even easier than you can imagine. One of the best reasons any customer makes a purchase is that someone they trust recommended the item or service. Using this idea in your Ecommerce marketing and having people “like” your products on Facebook, and other social media can build brand awareness that leads to increased sales.

 Rule of Nine

“Nine” is a straightforward “odd-even” pricing strategy used in Ecommerce marketing. The method is based on the belief that certain prices are more appealing to buyers. It involves setting a price using an odd number (selecting one just under round even number) such as $59.95 instead of $60. “Charm prices” (prices ending in 95, 97, 99) are the most popular psychological pricing technique used in the world. Additionally, some Ecommerce marketing ideas that fit in here are having the cents printed smaller than the dollars.  This would enhance the trick and increase conversion rates. Finally, discounts used in your Ecommerce marketing, ranging from 10% to 75% off never fail to attract buyers. People just love to feel that they are saving and getting good value for their money. It is best to use “Up To (blank) % off” to give the impression of the biggest possible discount.

By using these tricks you can improve sales and increase profits. One of the biggest reasons for why these tricks work is because they build trust. Would you rather buy from a company that sends out a cleanly designed direct mail piece and has thousands of Facebook followers or one that does the opposite? Making a good impression is key to getting customers that buy and continue to buy from your company.

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