5 Things You Need to Know to Launch a Sample Program

After all the blood, sweat and tears–you have finally launched a product! Now your attention is going towards growth, brand awareness and the obvious; sales, sales and more sales.  Expanding in the market and getting your product into as many hands as possible so they can experience the glory and purchase again or become loyal to your brand is your prime focus.

You decide to launch a sample program so consumers can see how your product works and discover why they need it. Read on to learn the key parts of the initial process and how to successfully launch a sample program for your product.

launch a sample program

1. Develop a plan

First things first, answer the question of why you think it’s best to launch a sample program. What you are trying to accomplish? How will you establish that your product is more useful and better than the competition’s? Sort out these details:

  • Timing – Is your product seasonal? What is the best time for your samples to go out?
  • How many samples will you distribute?
  • Research packaging or discuss with your fulfillment company what packaging is best to keep your product safe and remain at the right price point
  • Are the samples limited? Make it known to your audience that samples are “while supplies last” so they will 1) Be more eager to redeem the sample and 2) Not be caught off guard if samples run out
  • Implement a functional eCommerce cart

2. Establish an audience

Sending out samples to as many people as possible may seem like a good plan, but if it’s to the completely wrong person, the product could get tossed in the garbage without any appreciation or exposure at all. Ask your current users for referrals, partner with brands that have a similar audience and of course use targeted ads to maximize customer data. Spend an ample amount of time researching before executing, especially if you’re on a tight budget, so that you have a higher chance of earning the money you spent in samples back in full-sized product purchases.

3. Measure your audience

The next step is tracking conversions that resulted in distribution of samples.

  • Use a promo code to give customers a percentage off or free shipping in order to track if they were led to purchase from the sample
  • Ask how they found you at checkout or when they create an account
  • Add a tracking pixel if customers are redeeming a sample from an ad in order to remarket to them
  • Set up Google analytics to track link clicks to the sample page
  • Create a form that customers have to fill out when redeeming the sample in order to reach out to them for reviews later
  • Promote a hashtag that people will use on social media if they write about your sample or snap a picture of its arrival – hello free advertising!

4. Get creative

Make your content packaging standout among all the other samples your customers are getting in the mail. Communicate with your fulfillment company so the product packaging is a smooth process. The more your product appeals to your audience, the more inclined they may be to have it with them regularly or recognize it in the store or online. We live in a pick and choose world where aesthetics are highly considered when making a purchase decision.

Have sample packaging that relates very closely to your brand and helps to demonstrate the message or action the full-size product is intended for.

5. Monitor what’s working

If you’re not seeing a return whether it’s obtaining data, building awareness on social platforms or generating conversions, stop and reevaluate. Why aren’t you getting the message across? Conduct focus groups or send out surveys and questionnaires. Be enticing, yet genuine, when it comes to asking for information like being entered in a gift card drawing if they contribute and so the customer knows you value their opinion.

If you’re looking for more help to setup your product for samples, contact a member of our fulfillment team today.

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