When Marketing Misses the Mark

Promotional products are exceptional marketing tools for building brand identity. When you giveaway a promotional product that has a unique spin on it, it’ll leave your audience with a positive impression of your company. But sometimes creative agencies  miss the mark. For instance, a marketing company created a direct mail product to showcase their creative ability to bring brands to the top. But the product they choose to communicate this message was salt. Well, a jar of salt!

Their reasoning behind this was that it increases the density of water and the weight of objects causing it to float to the surface. How many people are going to make this association? In addition, the jar’s imprint read “Add some creative salt your strategy and your brand is unsinkable!” It’s kinda of a stretch. It’s great when you can giveaway creative and unique products, but when your marketing message is ambiguous, you’ve gone too far. This is another reason you need to work with a marketing firm that knows how to get your message across.


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