When A Call Center Makes Sense

As a society, no matter how technologically advanced we get… people will always be doing business with people. Sure we can come up with an elaborate direct mail campaign, email blast, even use a referral system or pull data from the Internet. But if you are going to use one of your business developmental tools in your arsenal, you seriously need to consider using a call center… and I’ll tell you why.

Over the past 20 years, as J.M. Field Marketing has continued to grow and evolve as a company and we have discovered new ways to service our clients. With our call center, we have the ultimate flexibility and power to develop business, maintain our relationships, provide customer service and an endless amount of other possibilities.

A call center is the perfect tool when you are attempting to achieve a specific result. For example: validate information (a lead, a contact, etc…), provide in-bound or out-bound customer service, make a soft introduction of your company to a potential client, develop awareness about your company and identify a need or opportunity. A call center is not a good tool if you are expecting immediate business or to close a deal on the phone. The secret is to control the message the call center agents are delivering. In choosing a call center to address your needs, you will want to consider several things, among the most important is: does the call center use a system capable of providing dialer information. This kind of information is extremely valuable in discerning the true ROI, follow up opportunities and quality of the data called.

We utilize a call center interface, capable of providing a variety of reports that will provide immediate feedback on the data called. Being an expert in business development initiatives and strategy, we can partner with you to achieve the optimal results you and your company are seeking.

Please contact us for more information about call center services and more!

Greg LaFleur

Director of Business Development

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