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direct email marketingWhile social media sites like Facebook and Pinterest have been on the rise for quite some time now, many might say that direct email marketing is a tired form of communicating with current and potential clients. However, that is actually far from the truth. The reason being, direct email marketing is more personal and targets your consumers directly in a less distracting place, as compared to the social media sites previously mention which display tons of real time information being shared in one place all at one time. According to the Direct Marketing Association, direct email marketing has an ROI (return on investment) of 4,300%. Additionally, benefits include saving a few trees as well as facilitating the move from conversation to commerce.

We all know about spam and obnoxious email marketing efforts that make it nearly impossible to opt out and we know that these become more of a nuisance than a clever marketing ploy, resulting in many consumers deleting them without ever opening a thing. It’s clear these types of direct email marketing initiatives do not work. So what does work? Check out these tips to put you on the right track towards a successful direct email marketing campaign.

Remember your Audience

Your goal should be to captivate your audience immediately and deliver your most important information first. Your subject line should be compelling and draw consumers in, tempting them to read more.

Keep is Clean and Simple

Use white space to your advantage. Don’t cram a lot of information into a limited amount of space. The idea is to intrigue your audience and encourage them to click through to learn more, ultimately driving and increasing traffic to your website. Think about how you skim through emails, especially when there are a lot to get through. By keeping your message short and simple, users are less likely to move on without reading all you have to say and offer.

Remember Why They Signed Up

Knowing what products and/or services someone signed up to learn more about can help build a positive relationship with your consumer. Staying as personalized as possible shows you care about your customers and aim to deliver to them exactly what they’re looking for.

Direct email marketing strategies should be well thought out and tested before they’re sent out to all your email contacts.  To create a trusting relationship with the consumers that sign up to receive your alerts you must not take advantage of their choice to opt in and assure you provide them with exclusive offers and information that proves they have benefited from their choice to sign up.

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