The Art of Direct Marketing

Our goal as advertisers is to target and reach potential customers directly. If you’re selling baby products and your ads are being delivered to men ages 50 years and older, chances are you’re not focusing on the right demographic. Direct marketing is a strategic form of advertising that allows marketers to communicate directly with their customers or prospective consumers through common channels such as interactive websites, email, mobile messaging, online banner ads, catalogs as well as promotional letters and post cards. Direct marketing is all about focusing in on your target market to turn leads into sales. Direct marketing messages are almost always addressed directly to the consumer in an effort to personalize your message to them. Addressing your target market doesn’t necessarily mean calling them by name, you can pin point your audience with email addresses, mobile phone numbers and cookies from their web browsers. Direct marketing is also characterized by its emphasis on providing trackable data and measurable responses.

With approximately $153.3 billion spent on direct marketing initiatives in 2010 (Direct Marketing Association), marketers should know how to successfully implement a direct marketing campaign to be a top competitor. In order to do so, there are a few basics you should know about:

CTA’s Are Important When It Comes to Direct Marketing

If you’ve captured your audience’s attention long enough to have them read through your ad you want to be sure they follow through with the desired action. Having a clear and concise call to action will help you achieve that.

Always Test Your Direct Marketing Campaign

Testing your campaign in a smaller area first is a great investment. That way, you can see what sort of results to expect after launching the entire project. Trying different approaches is another part of the direct marketing game. From copy to design and even offers and packaging, trying out different tactics will help you identify the most successful.

Grab Their Attention and Learn How to Keep It

If your headline isn’t eye catching or intriguing, chances are the entire piece will be a flop.

Have a Purpose

Congratulations, you’ve successfully designed a creative direct marketing piece! Now ask yourself, what’s the point? Your direct marketing efforts must work towards a desired response in an attempt to generate sales, collect data and get to know your target audience even more.

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