Marketing Tactics: Taco Bell or Bull?!?

At what point are they going to stop and realize that maybe they missed it? Here we have Taco Bell spending tens of millions of dollars, no, not on nutrition education in our schools, but on a marketing ad campaign promoting the “Taco Bell Drive-Thru Diet.”  The spokesperson is a woman who claims to have lost 54 pounds over the past two years, which is about the same weight as the lower-screen disclaimers in the commercial that say “This is not a weight-loss program and Results are not typical.” It also says “These are not low-calorie items.” The ad goes on for the full thirty seconds..including the shill about her daily calorie in-take being only 1250 calories.

This is even more insulting than the Jared Fogle nonsense perpetrated on us by the folks at Subway. He weighed about a quarter of ton when he started eating two subway sandwiches a day for a couple of years cutting his caloric intake by about a zillion calories a day…and he lost weight…amazing. Maybe not. Spy reports say Jared has packed on a few pounds as of late…..could it be the mayo in the tuna sub.

Recently, Jared publicly announced that was going to finish a marathon in few weeks. I think the last twenty miles will be by cab, or he’ll pull a Rosie Ruiz on us. That was the woman who popped out of the bushes in central park to run the last mile of the New York Marathon.

Look, we’re doomed. As long as the fast-food, and I’m being kind calling it food, operators are dishing out their dollar-menus and 99-cent entrees, see, I can be nice, we’re going to keep getting bigger and bigger. As I mentioned in the last blog, I lost 40 pounds last year. I did it on the Miracle Diet. What is that exactly? Well, I ate less, and I exercised…”Sweet Lord, it’s a miracle.” You know what? Maybe I’m being too jaded, tough and cynical. How about this…..”The Kentucky Fried Chicken 4-piece extra crispy with mashed potatoes, gravy, and a few biscuits diet.” The only thing is you get to eat it once a week, but you don’t eat anything else for the week.

You will lose weight. This theory also works with Boston Cream Pie and lard burgers. Here’s the message. The fast-food and casual dining restaurants are trying to kill you. Watch the spots. They are all about how much you can eat for how little money. The Whopper. The Baconater. The Pizzone. I was taught that everything in moderation was okay. I wish the marketers would subscribe to that. And, as for Taco Bell, Yo quiero a freakin’ break.


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