Sweepstakes Programs

Our Sweepstakes Programs Are Four-Star Worthy

Sweepstakes programs are great tools to market your products, company and brand. Ed McMahon caught the eye of sweepers across the country with his balloons, big checks and hopes of millions. Why did Publishers Clearing House give away all that money? Because the folks at PCH knew that if the prize was large enough, customers would pay attention to their deals, enter the program and pray they would win. The question you have to ask is, what won’t customers do for free stuff?

We can provide a wide range of sweepstakes programs that will effectively target your existing or prospective customers from concept through execution.

Your PRIZE for using sweepstakes programs:

  • Creating excitement and awareness
  • Collecting leads from registration forms
  • Boosting brand recognition
  • Driving traffic to your website or brick and mortar store
  • Increasing sales and volume
  • Improving customer loyalty

From start to finish, we PATROL your sweepstakes program

When you work with us, your sweepstakes programs will be simple and economical. You will work closely with our team to conceptualize sweepstakes programs that best suit your desired goal (yeah, we can help you identify that as well). Next, we will bring the program to life with artwork and produce the necessary collateral while also mapping out how you are going to distribute and capture your audience through traditional and social media channels. There’s no need to worry because you’ll be with us every step of the way.

And with our warehouse and fulfillment, we can pick, pack and ship your prizes. We can also create your sweepstakes forms and manage the redemption processes.

So, whether your next sweepstakes programs are an online game, eBlast, coupons or mail-in rebate, or anything else you can think of, we’ll set you free with free things.

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