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Sweepstakes—We all win!

Usually I don’t shop at Banana Republic, but I was there with my friend helping her shop for a suit. Before that day I thought that their clothes were boring, but while shopping with her I came to realize that their clothes are simple yet stylish. My friend didn’t find her suit, but I found two outfits that I could mix and match with the rest of my wardrobe. After I decided on all the items, I went to the counter to make my purchase and that’s where I learned about their iPod Nano sweepstakes. The cashier excitedly handed me a postcard about the sweepstakes and told me to go online to enter. She explained that after I submitted my entry form, I would be given a coupon to save 10 percent off my next purchase. Unfortunately, I didn’t win the iPod, but I did save 10 percent off my next purchase.

It wasn’t until I began working for J.M. Field Marketing that I realized how effective this was as a marketing strategy. Sweepstakes are a great way to increase your marketing visibility, while creating excitement about your product. You can use it to drive traffic to your website, increase your sales volume and improve customer loyalty. You need a unique sweepstakes contest that will rev up your customers  and allow you to collect lots of sales leads. We are professionals at creating innovative sweepstakes contest. Our marketing team will help you come up with an attractive prize that people will want such as a Wii or kindle. When you work with J.M. Field Marketing, your marketing strategy will be in line with your business objectives. We are professionals at creating the sweepstakes from, writing the official rules and managing the redemption process. After the sweepstakes end, we will process all the entries and select one lucky winner. We’ll then notify you of the winner’s name and address. We are your ideal partner for creating a winning sweepstakes program.

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