RSVP Where?!?!

About three years ago, I received an invitation to my friends wedding. She sent me a beautiful blue and white beach themed invitation that actually had white seashells attached. There was also an RSVP card for me to accept or decline the wedding invitation. Of course I was going to attend, but I wanted to tell her in person since I saw her everyday at work. But wedding etiquette rules demand that a written invitation requires a written RSVP reply and so did my friend. I ended up filling out the RSVP card and mailing it back to her.

Today, more people are open to different methods of responding to a wedding, social event or business event invitation. Not only can a host/hostess send their guest a postcard invitation, they also have the option of sending an email invite or website link to the invitation. If you can’t design the invite yourself, you should contact a web designer or graphic designer. In the invitation, you should include how your guest should RSVP to the invite, whether it’s by calling a call center or by registering online. An RSVP service can cut your wedding invitation expense in half. When you work with us, we can even call your guests who have not responded as yet to get an answer. In addition, you’ll spend less time sorting through replies to find out who will be attending and who will not. We will cut your response time in half and make this entire process effortless for you.


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