It’s All about Social Networking

Let’s talk about social networking. Maybe we could discuss this over a cocktail, or lunch, or at a ballgame. That would be the social part. I get the networking part. Groups of people with similar goals interconnected via Internet communities and web-based groups. I know where it began. It was all based on the six degrees of separation concept that any two people could be connected or contacted through a chain of no more than five intermediaries. I wonder whom the four people are who stand between me and Madonna, or me and the Pope. Lot of ground to make up there. I think that would take at least eight people.

Has it really gotten to the point where it will no longer be necessary to have personal contact with prospects? Will all future business opportunities begin with a search on Friendster, Linkedin and Spoke? Do they speak on Spoke? This is how it’s done today. Social networking. Easy on the social, heavy on the networking.

Personally, I’m having a hard time of it. It took a lot for me to go public and do these blogs. It really came apart when I went to get on Facebook and they told me I had no friends…ouch! The good thing about web-based social networking is that you don’t have to shave and that you don’t have to lie directly into somebody’s eyes. Bottom line and kidding aside, I think social networking is an extremely valuable tool. It opens up the world in a matter of seconds. Social networking allows us to cover vast amounts of opportunities and ground without the T&E expense report.

We have a dedicated team of web specialists who will design a social networking program to fit your needs…they’ll even take you to lunch. That’s the social part.


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