Now Offering Live Chat With ActivEngage

We are announcing the launch of a new interactive software program, ActivEngage, enabling qualified representatives to engage via live chat with website visitors.

ActivEngage runs simultaneously with a live phone assistance program also offered by our call center. Engaging in live chat allows businesses to anticipate a prospective customer’s needs by identifying the topics or items the visitor is most interested in. When a consumer enters a site, he or she is interactively greeted and offered helpful information that can generate qualified leads and increased sales. Simply directing or leading customers to the information they are searching for enhances their Internet experience and prevents them from receiving misleading information.

In addition to the benefits of directing prospective clients within your site, ActivEngage yields sophisticated SEO information that can guide a business to be more successful in its online marketing efforts. ActivEngage also provides real time user statistics, keyword analysis, powerful reporting and insight to help make business websites more efficient and produce more sales. Clients see exactly how Internet shoppers are using the site, which pages need to be improved to produce stronger results, enabling consistent website improvement. Some other advantages include learning the direct ROI on your website marketing efforts, building brand loyalty by offering unique, personalized, and fast customer service as well as being recognized as a leader in cutting-edge technology.

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