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marketing nowMarketing is a form of advertising which seeks to educate and entice consumers to obtain products or services. It is a multi-tiered process that involves creative concept, development and delivery, and J.M. Field Marketing has been excelling at it for over 20 years.

Constant Improvement

As an entity constantly looking to better ourselves, we’ve not only grown, but thrived since our inception. We were, and continue to be, a one-stop shop providing fulfillment and marketing services to our clients, as our senior creative manager, Joni Kullgren can attest to.

“We do our research to understand the client’s goals and work as a team, communicating internally and with the client to keep it a cohesive process,” says Kullgren.

Seamless Integration

One of the attributes that makes us special and entices potential clients is our seamless integration of marketing services, from design and printed collateral to product fulfillment, web-based order processing, data collection, inventory systems, enterprise web systems, direct marketing and call center solutions. Basically, we do it all. And our marketing now is even more robust.

We humbly began with one creative director but our department of marketing now includes web developers, SEO copywriters, social media managers, graphic designers and videographers. The influence of our creative-minded employees can be seen via our clean, sleek, informative web site. Back in the mid-90’s, our site was plain, contained minimal graphics and not much information. Oh, the places we’ve gone! Spurred by the increase of website development opportunities the Internet has afforded, our site grew by the early 2000’s, adding a services menu and additional copy. The late aughts brought enhanced graphics and updated service menus, press releases and the implementation of our blog. Fast forward to today’s comprehensive, visually-pleasing website and we’ve grown exponentially which tells the customer everything they need to know about us and our services.

Continual Evolution

Our style of presentation has also evolved with marketing now. Once upon a time marketing materials were presented solely as physical goods like catalogs, brochures and products, but our marketing materials are digitally interactive now. For example, we used to create flash and PowerPoint presentations to present new information to our clients, but now we hold webinars to educate and inform them. We still supply attractive, unique collateral however as we are one of Florida’s premier suppliers of promotional products, distributing innovative materials for our clients such as temporary tattoos, watches, key chains and marketing IDs. We also have printing in house and offer variable printing, offset printing, digital printing and web printing.

We not only offer tangible marketing goods but over 60 web-based IT solutions designed to simplify and streamline client businesses. We develop our own software, allowing us to modify as needed, which means our online order processing, Ecommerce, shopping cart and inventory management software can always be updated with the latest technology and customized for your business. Following along with the Internet-driven world we live in, our marketing now is web-based and offers our clients services like SEO, SEM, social media, live chat support, local search marketing and tracking analytics.10 years ago social media wasn’t even a blip on the radar but now it’s used as a marketing tool to engage with customers and ultimately bring new business. Our social media services include blogs, wikis, micro-blogs, social networking sites, video/photo sharing and message boards. Our marketing now is more comprehensive than ever before.

Growing to Make Us and You Better

Returning to the one-stop shop concept, we also offer fulfillment services and have warehouses all over the country. A fulfillment service that we created and continue to improve upon is our All In View software, an inventory management system that allows clients to keep track of the order process and which sends them notifications when supplies are low, among other features. It is an interactive picture which shows exactly how their product is moving and our fulfillment managers expertly handle the entire process on a daily basis, while allowing the client hands-on control through product updating, etc. if they choose to handle it themselves.

On a day to day basis, products are rapidly shipped and marketing now is varied, based on several factors. Our creative director Alexis Kovic notes that there are many different avenues that can be taken depending on the client but that we always focus on competitive analysis and understanding their background to sell their services or products. Tasks are given to the art department, which is skilled in print production tactics and designs with functionality, keep the client’s budget in mind, while still providing that “wow” factor.

Over the years, we have grown quite a lot and our department of marketing now works with well-known Fortune 500 companies, offers superior turnaround time to our fulfillment clients and ensures each client is happy with their outcome. Marketing is ever-evolving and we are always ahead of the game.

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