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Direct Marketing and Junk Mail

With so much information going out online, some people wonder if direct mail is a dinosaur. Hardly. It’s kind of like the argument of books vs. e-books. There’s just something about turning the pages. I love the feel of laminate and the smell of fresh ink in the morning. The truth is that it’s just more personal. And, you know that the publishing company took the time, talent and expense to engage you, because you’re worth it.

It’s like magazines. Sure, you can get the crux of the content on your computer, but you’re unlikely to go back to it. That’s what nightstands and coffee tables are for. We not only see it as a tried and true business-builder, but as an art-form. You know my position about off-the-shelf creative, as in never any recycled, one-idea-fits-all concept.

Our direct marketing strategies are specifically created for your company. We’ll partner with you to create a direct marketing campaign to capture your target audience’s attention. And, the direct marketing campaign doesn’t end after the piece is mailed. We have a sophisticated tracking and measurement program that clearly tells us how well the direct marketing program is doing. The other benefit of direct mail is that we know it makes it into the hands, however fleeting, of the recipient. There is no subject line that triggers an instantaneous delete.

Actually, there is such a thing as junk mail. It’s anything that comes from the government.


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