Direct Marketing Questions:

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Direct Marketing and Eblast Design

The Elements That Make up Great Eblast Design

Composing an effective eblast design for direct marketing is important, since it is either going to reel consumers in or shake them off the line. There are things that should be included and left out, when you design an eblast. You should start off your eblast with an engaging and compelling subject line. The key to writing an engaging subject line is to reveal information, but not all of it. Try to make it enticing, like other direct marketing, so when people read it, they want to click on it to read more. Be clever, be personal, add a question and spark curiosity so that potential customers will find your subject line irresistible and click it.

Before you move on to the body of the eblast design, make the subject line an appropriate length. Your subject lines should not exceed 35 characters because, if it is too long, then no one will read it and your direct marketing initiatives will have failed. Keep it short and sweet so that you can grab the reader’s attention and keep it by using effective direct marketing. This is also the case with the main part of the eblast design: the body. People won’t read long paragraphs and blocks of copy when it comes to direct marketing, therefore design your eblast so it’s easy for consumers to read.

The length of your eblast should be short, yet effective. This means that you need to be concise, use bullet points, stay away from too much punctuation and do not exceed 50 words. You should also give people the option to unsubscribe from your eblasts by adding an opt-out link. Once you are done designing your customer-friendly eblast, it would help if you tested it out before you start sending thousands of eblasts. Doing this alerts you of any mistakes or errors in the design, format, images and copy.

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