How to Market an Incentive Program

The holidays are known for gift-giving and showing appreciation, be it Christmas, a birthday or Father’s Day.  We all want to be given a gift for doing a good job, so incentive programs are always received with delight and enthusiasm by employees. But when you design your incentive market, you need to make sure that the program is clear and simple.

Here are three basic ideas that you and your employees must agree on:

  1. What it is you would like them to do (objective)
  2. How they should go about doing it
  3. What reward they will get upon successful completion

First, you need a strong and catchy theme, or name for the program; something that represents your goal as well as it is clever and memorable. For instance, a slogan like “Dazzling Ideas” sticks in one’s mind more than “Our Incentive Program.” You need to put your incentive program name on all of the marketing materials you hand out, so employees will remember the program.

Generate excitement and create buzz. Schedule an event or meeting to celebrate the program’s official launch, and provide themed or simply useful promotional items or food to employees. At the kickoff event, discuss specifically the goals you wish to accomplish within your company. Also, create an announcement brochure to distribute during the meeting with rules, objectives, rewards, etc. Make sure to include information about where they can find out more information or contact someone with questions. Or better yet have an incentive program website designed so your employees can view their progress, view the rewards available and you can even allow them to choose their reward once the goals have been met.

Keep track of development with periodic reports. These reports ensure progress is being made, and keep management informed of participation. For instance, a three month program might need reports every two to three weeks.

Lastly, follow through. Make sure that you provide your staff with the rewards you promised when your program was first pitched. Keep your employees happy, and keep your company booming.


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