For Every Excuse, A New Strategy

We all make excuses; it’s a flaw of being human. We use excuses to stop ourselves from dealing with the issue. Sometimes we mistake an excuse with a reason, while a reason enables us to hunt for a solution and excuse is notorious from prolonging pertinent issues. So, in my hunt for satisfaction, I’ve found that for every excuse, there is a new strategy to help counteract them.

The first strategy, and often most effective is “calling your own bluff.” When you anticipate making an excuse, the calling your own bluff strategy immediately counteracts your need to make an excuse. While it may not solve any immediate problems, it’s one step towards success!

Another strategy for expelling excuses is preparation. Doing preliminary work for any large project eliminates the invention of excuses for beginning a task. This can be anything from cleaning out junk to doing preliminary research for a project.

For all those rebels out there, isolation proves to be another good strategy for combating excuses. Often when surrounded by friends and family wanting to have fun, it becomes hard to do the necessary, often monotonous tasks which face us. Allotting time to accomplish goals and get stuff done is great for mental health and success.

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