Effective Email Marketing for Your Business

With the face of marketing constantly evolving, it is important to know what strategies to keep and which to avoid. Very few businesses go door to door but marketing by email, a long time marketing tool, is still prevalent today. Effective email marketing can be a challenging concept to grasp since some still regard random email as spam. However, if implemented correctly, effective email marketing can be a great asset to your business.

Effective Email Marketing Begins with A Good Target List

The first step to effective email marketing is creating a target audience to send emails to. In other words, distinguish exactly who your target audience is. Polls, surveys, focus groups and analyzing what type of customers are buying from you and your competitors are great tools in formulating your target market and demographics. Be sure to note key factors of people such as age, location, ethnicity, employment, status and gender.

Effective Email Marketing Goal to Define

After you discover your target market and demographic, determine what your goals are. Are you trying to sell as much as possible in a short time or build long-term clientele? Is sharing your website on social media platforms a priority? These are important questions to keep in mind. When your goals are concrete, implement a schedule to discover effective email marketing. This can include when to launch promotions, specific dates you want to achieve certain goals by, what time to send follow-up emails, etc. Keep frequency of sending in mind when creating an effective email marketing schedule – overexposure will be deemed as too pushy while underexposure can render your emails as forgettable. A schedule like this maintains organization and can help track progress.

What’s in an Email Title?

The first thing recipients are going to see in the email is the subject line. This is a make or break factor as potential customers can read the subject line and deem it as spam if not written correctly. One way to deter from this is to avoid looking overly pushy. For instance, avoid using all caps and an overabundance of exclamation points. Choose key words that will grab attention, like “discount” or “new”, but avoid words that may come off as junk mail. Instead, make sure your subject line looks enticing as well as professional. Use proper grammar and ensure it conveys what the email is about.

Winning Content is Essential for Effective Email Marketing

Content is the next and probably most important element of effective email marketing. A well written email will not only be memorable but will possibly persuade someone to take interest in what your business is offering. Providing a catchy introduction, describing the benefits of what you are offering and finishing with a personable sentence can lead to a successfully written email, thus resulting in effective email marketing. You want to avoid repetitive, redundant content that is too lengthy. Make your email short but descriptive.

Keep it Personal for Effective Email Marketing

Don’t forget to personalize your email. Address the potential or existing customer by their name as opposed to a generic phrase such as “to whom it may concern”. People are more receptive to emails addressed directly to them and are therefore less likely to delete the email or mark it as spam. Inviting the recipient to explore more of your business by providing a link to a website as well as social media is essential. This is extremely important as the recipient of the email will not only see that the product is indeed valid, but will also see what else you have to offer.

Effective Email Marketing Means Being Mobile Friendly

Lastly, confirm that your email will translate well not only on a computer but on a phone and across multiple devices. With the high emergence of Android and iPhone users, checking emails and other notifications on phones is a more common occurrence. You must make sure the layout is aesthetically pleasing and easy to read across all platforms. Email marketing becomes effective when available on a variety of tools.

By implementing effective email marketing, you can successfully enlarge your clientele and create awareness for your business. Effective email marketing can also help you learn new marketing strategies and figure out what works best to promote your product. It can aid in reaching out to existing customers and make sure they are still active with your company. At J.M. Field Marketing, we believe effective email marketing is an important strategy that is here to stay.

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