Direct Marketing Questions:

  • How can I grow a successful e-mail list for direct marketing?

  • How can I send my eblasts and avoid spam filters with direct marketing?

  • I don’t want to mislead my customers with direct marketing. How can I make sure I don’t send spam emails?

  • Is direct marketing dead? What about other marketing strategies?

  • Is direct marketing the same as direct mailing?

  • Is timing the ultimate factor when it comes to direct marketing?

  • What are the necessary steps that my business needs to be effective in direct marketing?

  • What is direct marketing?

  • What should be included in my direct marketing eblast design?

  • Which form of direct marketing is better for my business, direct mail marketing or email marketing?


The Pros and Cons of Direct Mail Marketing and Email Marketing

Just like other direct marketing, direct mail marketing and email marketing have their pros and cons. When you are trying to figure out what form of direct marketing is best for your business, you should dissect each one to see if it is a good fit. Believe it or not, direct mail marketing is actually preferred by consumers over e-mail. Direct mail connects on a personal level, while an email advertisement can seem like it is being sent as spam to your online mailbox.

When mail is sent on a personal level, then consumers are more likely to be more receptive and respond. However, if you are not utilizing direct marketing and direct mail correctly, then there’s a downside that it can become pricey. As opposed to email marketing, direct mail marketing can take up a lot of your time if you’re not doing it right. For example, you need to design your marketing materials, keep your mailing list up to date and improve it every so often.

Direct Marketing and E-mail Marketing

When you utilize email marketing, everything’s done fast-paced because you have the capability of sending eblasts to a massive number of recipients. Email marketing is also an inexpensive option, for those that have to work with a tight business budget. One of the great things about direct marketing and building up an email list is that it does not cost you anything!

However, expanding your email list past your demographic can also be time-consuming, like direct mail marketing. Even though direct marketing and direct mail is not dead, it does not change the fact that direct email marketing is more convenient for the majority of customers. With so many people using mobile devices, it is easy for them to check their phone for an email and browse through your advertisement.

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