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Direct Marketing is still a Hit

Email marketing has significantly changed the way companies market to consumers. But four marketing experts in a DMNEWS article say that direct marketing is still an effective way to market to consumers because it uses one-off communication to compel your target audience to visit your website or retail store.

A simple strategy to drive your target audience to your site is to include your website address or links to your social networking profile on your direct mail piece to inform your prospects that they can communicate with you using different channels. In the article, Steve Judge, the managing director for Hawkeye said, “Direct mail followed by email returns a higher total ROI than either medium alone.” He explains that people are more accepting of unsolicited mail than they are of unsolicited email at work.

Think about it, unlike emails which are just turned off when the employee leaves, the direct mail piece will still get delivered to the person who has taken over that position. In addition, direct marketing is easier to deliver and make more of an impact on prospects outside traditional offices whose job don’t revolve around the computer such as construction foremen, retail owners and other business professionals.

Mary Ann Kleinfelter, the VP of Marketing at L-Com reiterated that even though email marketing is also effective, Business-to-Business purchases can’t always be made instantly online and they can often require more than one person’s approval. She continued by adding that the customer will often want to talk to a live person or review printed materials before deciding to  make a purchase. The other two marketing experts expressed that direct marketing can be the lynchpin of your marketing when the direct mail pieces used are relevant and customized as well as used before or after an email or phone call.

Direct marketing is also an excellent way to entice customers who have not made a purchase in 12 or more months to visit your store. Direct marketing is still a thriving field and as marketers we agree. It works effectively when used alone or in conjunction with other marketing strategies.

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