Direct Mail? Not Dead!

We know what you’re thinking – Direct mail is as dead as the dinosaurs, right? Well, unlike our fossil friends, Direct Mail is very much alive, if only evolved. So how can you make your Direct Mail campaign a success?

All businesses need to find ways to reengage existing customers, and acquire new ones.  Direct mail is one way to do this, and it can be very effective if done right. If you’re wondering what Direct Mail is and how you can make a Direct Mail campaign your most successful campaign to date, check out these tips  and info from our experts.

First of all, what is it?

Direct mail is a marketing technique utilizing a mail service to deliver a targeted promotional piece to a specifically selected audience.  The audience is usually determined through demographics based on the needs of the company.  The promotional piece can be almost anything from a small brochure to a large catalog, or from a simple postcard to a detailed newsletter.  The options are endless, and your business, creativity, and budget will determine what type of direct mail will work best for you.

Will it work for your product or service?

This type of marketing is used for almost any type of product or service.  Companies can be creative with their promotions when using direct mail, and include coupons, magnets, bookmarks, or other promotional products.  The focus when designing a direct mail campaign is to make certain the message will appeal to as many recipients in the chosen demographic as possible.  You will want to ensure that your ad materials engage as many people as possible to drive business.

Whats the appeal?

Direct mail is a way to put your message in your consumer’s hands directly.  This has a definite appeal over other advertising methods, like television, radio, or billboards since those methods offer a more fleeting impression of your product.  People can walk away from television, change a radio station, or not look at a billboard, however, they will have to see and touch the postcard that arrived in their mailbox.  Receiving the mail at home gives you a better chance that your recipient will read your message, since it is likely that they will have more time at home.

So is it a great ad or junk mail?

It’s not difficult for your direct mail campaign to be received well, and not thought of as junk mail.  First, understand your target direct mail customers, and use your knowledge of their lifestyle and habits to tailor your ad and keep it interesting and relevant to them.  The amount of information available is overwhelming, and as a result, huge mass mailing is no longer necessary.  Just send the mailing to the people most likely to want your product or service with this specific as campaign to save money and keep your response high.

J.M. Field Marketing has an extensive portfolio of successful Direct Mail campaigns. We can help design, print and send out your next Direct Mail piece. Contact us today for more information!

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