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Creating an Effective Call to Action

Remember those late night infomercials that told you to call this 1-800 number NOW to receive a free gift with your purchase if you order within the next 10 minutes. Well, like that infomercial, your website or marketing material needs a call to action. Having a call to action is essential to the success of your marketing campaign. After you have told your customers why your product is amazing, you also have to tell them to take action and what that action should be. You can’t assume that your customers know what to do. The call to action should tell them to call, email or visit your website to place an order. The best call to actions are uncomplicated. For instance, a call to action can be:

Contact us today!

Call our 1-800 number for more information

Click here!

Add to cart

Sign up for a free trial

And many others.

It’s also good to instill a sense of urgency, but this depends on the marketing promotional. In this case, you would say “Hurry! This offer will not last long. Order today, so you don’t miss out.” Experienced marketers know that if people aren’t told to take an action then they won’t. Plus, call to actions WORK. There should be a call to action on every webpage, but there shouldn’t be multiple call to actions on pages, competing for attention. You should place a call to action in your e-newsletter and even your blog.

If your call to action doesn’t work, you can always change it. If you’re not sure what your call to action should say or if you want a unique call to action that your visitors won’t soon forget, you can hire a marketing company to create one for you.

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